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As a busy business owner, you probably do not spend much time thinking about your wood chipper blades, until something happens and then that is all you think about. How much should you be paying for chipper blades? Does it matter which supplier you choose?

Your wood chipper is a workhorse, without it, your business does not run. So why not maintain it in the best possible way, starting with the right blades. In this post, we answer a few of the common questions we get from arborists and tree care owner/operators just like you.

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Why do replacement wood chipper blades vary significantly in price?

First, know that high-quality blades are going to last longer, perform better, and ease the burden on your motor. But that does not mean that your blades should be unreasonably expensive. Before selecting a supplier, check the prices on your exact blades with a few different vendors. Or, better yet, purchase blades from a supplier that offers a price guarantee, one that will refund the difference if another supplier offers the same blade at a lower price.

Next, and this is the most crucial point, be sure that you are making a fair comparison. The descriptions of wood chipper blades can be deceptively vague, making it difficult to compare products. Before purchasing, be sure that your wood chipper blades are manufactured from high-quality tool steel and that they match the precise tolerance required by your wood chipper.

How much does it cost to ship replacement wood chipper blades?

Wood chipper blades are heavy, bulky, and require a significant amount of packaging during shipping. Some suppliers struggle to identify shipping costs during the ordering process. Instead, the wood chipper blades are priced, and then shipping is provided as an estimate. This estimate could vary by as much as $50.00 from the actual price charged.

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For small business owners, this uncertainty is unacceptable. You need to know exactly how much your total cost will be before you hang up the phone. To avoid this situation, use a supplier that provides flat rate shipping based on the number of blade sets. Not only does this ensure that you know the exact total of your replacement would chipper blades, but it also allows you to plan for replacements in advance to minimize shipping costs. For example, if your supplier charges one price for one to two sets of blades and another for more than three sets of blades, it makes sense to order at least two sets at a time and save on shipping costs.

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Will my wood chipper blade be available when I need it?

For many arborists and tree care professionals, no wood chipper blades mean no work. This makes securing replacements essential to running your business. To ensure that you always have the replacement blades you need, work with a supplier that diligently forecasts future needs, is large enough to stock a wide variety of blades, and one with the experience and industry knowledge to secure large orders to meet customer demand at a reduced cost.

Wood chipper blade suppliers that operate at this scale can also ensure that you have early access to specialty products and stock-outs, sometimes at a discounted rate, through pre-sale offers.

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What are the most important factors when selecting a new wood chipper blade supplier?

Changing suppliers is tough. It means doing some research and establishing a new relationship. Many arborists and tree care professionals have a level of comfort with the current wood chipper blade supplier. You may not always be 100 percent satisfied, but at least you know what to expect.

However, there are a few warning signs that it is time to re-evaluate your current supplier.

It may be time to look for a new supplier when you notice that prices or lead times are steadily increasing. This may mean that your supplier is struggling to keep up with your needs and passing the costs on to you. You may also want to re-evaluate your vendor if a larger company purchases them. An acquisition creates many internal challenges for companies as supply chains are established, and employees find their new place within the organization. This upheaval may affect the company’s ability to meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective way.

Instead, look for a supplier with decades of experience, on-staff wood chipper blade experts, and the buying power to secure the lowest prices on your replacement blades.

Do not settle for a vendor that does not meet your needs. Your wood chipper blades are essential to your business. Securing the right replacement blades at the right price allows you to maximize your profits, productions, safety, and the life of your wood chipper.

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