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Merchandise returns can have a significant impact on a business and its product offering.

From transportation and warehouse costs to warehouse restocking and customer service labor, there’s no question that the costs associated with returns can add up. The result of increased costs can lead to higher prices for customers. It’s estimated that managing the cost of a return can be from 17 to 30% of the prime cost, which is why many companies issue restocking fees for items that are sent back.

One of the things we speak of often is the importance of measuring blades before you purchase. Many wood chipperbandit-chipper-blade-bolts blades are very similar in appearance and in measurement. It’s difficult to tell the difference between blades from just a photograph. Subtle differences like the inside diameter of the holes can render your order of wood chipper blades useless. For your chipper to run safely and efficiently, you must have the right replacement knives in place.

While measuring your wood chipper blades is an important step of your purchase process, it’s critical to also measure your bolts. Some OEM equipment features different generations of similar models that take unique blades and hardware.

Bolts are typically measured by their diameter and length using a caliper or ruler.

  1. Diameter. The diameter of a bolt is measured across the shank or the smooth portion of the bolt below the head. This is the widest portion of the bolt.
  2. Length. The length of a bolt is measured from the bottom of the head to the end of the shank.
  3. Thread pitch, the distance between the threads on the bolt, can also be measured using a thread gauge. Place the gauge on the bolt and align the teeth with the threads. The gauge will indicate the thread pitch in threads per inch or millimeters.

The video below walks you through the different generation bolt measurements for OEM replacement parts.

American Cutting Edge provides blade and hardware measurements in the product details section of their website to make finding the right blade and hardware the first time effortless. Many of our replacement wood chipper blades are available in convenient kits that provide everything tree care professionals need to change their blades including the correct hardware for the job.

Don’t forget about the ACE Best Chipper Product Price Guarantee.

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