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When it’s time to replace your industrial machine knives or blades, you might not realize you have a choice when comes to your knife vendor. OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) replacement knives are those that are made or sold by the manufacturer of the machinery.

Finding the right industrial blade and knife supplier isn’t as easy it may seem. You might think it could be as simple as ordering the part number of the knife or blade that corresponds to the model machine you’re running. However, there’s a lot more that goes into buying replacement knives than part numbers and placing the order.

If you’re simply buying the part you need, replacing the knives, and moving on with the next item on your list, you could be missing out! Working with a trusted industrial knife supplier like American Cutting Edge can provide you with an opportunity to improve performance, decrease waste, and increase yield without even realizing it.

  1. OEM Specifications are Followed to the Letter

There should be no guesswork involved when it comes to making OEM compatible knives and blades. Skilled knife manufactures craft their knives and blades to the exact specifications of the OEM print. Keeping the tolerances of the OEM knife or blade is critical for both knife fit and blade performance. The slightest deviations can cause an increase in downtime and maintenance, which translates into unnecessary expense and waste for your cutting operation.

  1. One Call to Make — Work Directly with Your Industrial Knife Supplier

When you work directly with a knife supplier, you’re dealing with the source of the knife. If your cutting operation’s yield is off, you have one call to make in order to get to the root of the problem.

Working with an industrial knife supplier that has a deep knowledge of metallurgy and cutting processes can make a difference. For example, ACE’s in-house engineering and account teams have experience across many industries over many decades that provides us with a unique aptitude to truly partner with our customers.     

  1. No Additional Mark Ups from a Middle Man

Have you ever wondered where OEM knives and blades come from? How many OEMs manufacture their own knives and blades in-house? If your OEM is using an industrial knife supplier to make their parts, those blades are likely coming to you with a mark-up in place to recoup costs or make a profit. In some cases, they may even come from the same industrial knife and blade manufacturer you’re considering.  

Working directly with the source of your knives can drastically improve your bottom line and production costs.

  1. Alternatives and Flexibility You Can’t Get from the OEM

In some cases, a skilled industrial knife provider can create an OEM compatible knife that exceeds the OEM standard. Following the OEM drawings doesn’t mean your industrial blade manufacturer can’t get creative when you require a higher level of blade performance. It’s important to remember that you have options.

The right industrial knife supplier will work with end users, engineers, and maintenance managers to truly understand your application and process. Work with a team that has knowledge beyond knives. Partner with an organization that knows cutting and can help you recognize optimization opportunities that others might miss.

  1. Product Availability

Often times, an industrial knife manufacturer offers more raw material choices and a greater selection than an OEM. In the case of ACE’s Gala® compatible pelletizing knife line, we stock multiple blade materials in almost every size available. It’s difficult to find this type of blade variety, in-stock and ready to ship anywhere else. The same can be said for many of our other OEM compatible lines.  When you need a replacement knife or blade, it’s important to get what you need.

Don’t have room on your shelves for the replacement blades you know you’re going to use in the coming year? See if your industrial knife supplier is willing to work with you on inventory or warehouse agreements. ACE often works with customers to rotate replacement blades and wear parts into their cutting operation just when they need them, saving our customer’s the hassle of managing their inventory levels and saving valuable space.

Put our skilled team of industrial knife and blade experts to work for you. ACE carries a wide variety of compatible OEM replacement knives, blades, and wear parts for many industries. Check out our industries page or online catalog for more information.


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