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When it comes time to change your wood chipper blades, there are a few things tree care professionals need to take into consideration. There's more to consider as your blades begin to wear than just popping on a new set.

After many conversations with our customers, our team has rounded up the topics that come up when it’s time for a blade change.

Life of the BladesHow many hours of service have you run on the current set of blades? It’s beneficial to keep track of the run time for your chipper knives so you can understand if you’re getting enough time out of them. Many of our customers keep a log for each machine in service to record not only the number of hours the blades are in use but also the materials being cut and environmental conditions.

Like fir and western red cedar, softwoods cause less wear and tear on blades. Harder woods and fibrous materials, such as pine and ash, wear blades more quickly.

Weather – Temperature and other environmental factors greatly impact how your chipper performs. Higher moisture content when temperatures are warmer, and humidity is high make chipping wood easier. Humidity softens the wood, so your blades do not have to work as hard. Typically, blades used in warm, humid climates will provide more operating hours than those used in cooler, drier climates.

Operating fluids thicken in colder weather. Icy and cold temperatures also make wood harder to cut, which makes your chipper knives wear more quickly.

Equipment OperationAre you operating within the specifications of your machinery and your blades?

Make sure that everyone who operates the machine reviews the specifications of theWood Chipper Blades for sale online from American Cutting Edge equipment and is working within the safety requirements of OSHA. This increases the safety knowledge of your crew and improves the efficiency of your operation.

Keeping a log of the types of wood you’re chipping, the weather, and the timing of your equipment’s blade changes can help you plan. While it’s always good to know roughly when you think you’ll need to order new chipper knives, it’s best to have a spare set on-hand in the event something unexpected comes up. You can’t make money if your wood chipper is waiting on essential parts.

Getting peak performance out of your tree care equipment requires keeping up on your machine maintenance, providing adequate training for your crew, and having sharp knives in inventory at a level that makes sense for your operation.

High-quality wood chipper knives that stand up to the rigors of the tree care industry don't have to break the bank. Remember, you have a choice when it comes time to replace your blades. American Cutting Edge is proud to serve the tree care industry with the highest quality replacement blades designed to the exact specification of the OEM brands. 

We stand by our pricing with the ACE Brush Chipper Product Price Guarantee. The best quality chippers at the best price Guaranteed!


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