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ACE’s accounting department plays an important role in our organization. Their work literally touches every single aspect of our business from sales and supply chain management to human resources and marketing and everything in between.

Most people typically think about accounting during this time of year in relation to accounts receivable and tax returns, the accounting department plays a much more central role in our industrial blade and knife manufacturing business than most realize.

Accounting is involved in all the major business decisions we make. They provide information that’s vital to the decision making process. Without them, we wouldn’t have the details required to accurately analyze which direction we should take, whether we should hire a new person, venture into a new product line, reduce inventory, go with a new supplier, buy a new piece of equipment, and the list goes on and on.

In short, accounting provides the information all departments need to make smart business decisions. The more smart business decisions that are made, the more effortless we can make cutting for our customers through streamlined operations, working with the right vendors, having inventory on-hand, and more.

Most of the time, the good work that the ACE accounting team does tends to be what we’d call in the “back of the house,” which means the department doesn’t interact with customers. However, there are those times when our team does work closely with our valued customers. “Accounting works directly with customer in several ways,” according to Michael Gallenstein. “It can range anywhere from simply helping a customer with ACH/wire instructions, updating their company information, reviewing a customer’s invoice/statement, or helping submit a credit application.”

Watch my interview with Michael now and learn more about how ACE’s accounting department works within our organization and with you to help making cutting and doing business effortless.


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