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Nothing matters more than quality in a slitting operation. Blade and knife holder quality are two obvious critical factors that must be taken into consideration for your line.

To achieve the highest quality and consistency in your slitting operation, your blade and knife changes, as well as knife holder maintenance, must be addressed. “We’ve seen customers who choose to run their knives to the point that their operation’s quality and consistency are completely out of spec,” says American Cutting Edge product line manager Dana Smith.

Making sure that blades are in the best condition helps ensure optimal performance leading to less downtime for maintenance. “When we look at the ease of maintenance and safety, Mario Cotta® knife holders are head and shoulders at the top of the list,” continues Smith. “We find that Mario Cotta knife holders are the toughest and easiest to use for paper, tissue, nonwoven, plastic film, aluminum, and rubber.”

Mario Cotta’s bestselling holder, the Lisa, provides a patented blade cartridge unlocking system that delivers an unsurpassable cutting position and easy access for performing maintenance.

Quick Blade Changes

The Lisa Holder has only two parts, the body, and patented blade cartridge. Worn blades can be safely removed and replaced in mere seconds, saving a lot of valuable time. The body remains on the dovetail while the cartridge with worn blades is removed. A new cartridge with a sharp replacement blade is installed. So simple and so fast! There’s no need to even calibrate and you can easily switch from score cutting to razor slitting quickly.

See for yourself!


  • Move the holder along its dove tail then secure it
  • Simply engage it and cut


  • The cartridge can be easily removed so that the cutting point does not change
  • The razor blade cartridge mounts on the same body

Fine Adjusting

  • Optional fine stroke adjustment available for "half-cut."

Mario Cotta Product SpecificationsLisa

  • Standard width .5”
  • Reinforced with .618”
  • Stroke .629”
  • Blade 3”
  • Max. Speed 1,076.31’/min

American Cutting Edge is a preferred North American Mario Cotta Solution Provider. Reap the benefits of spending less time and maintaining the tightest tolerances on your slitting operation.

Reach out to the converting industry experts at American Cutting Edge for more information on how our expertise and the products we provide can help you add more to your bottom line.

Download our e-book, the “Ultimate Guide to Slitting and Converting.”

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