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At American Cutting Edge, our goal is to make cutting effortless for our customers. We’ve been working toward an effortless experience since 1965.

The American Cutting Edge website is more than just a place for our valued customers to order replacement blades, knives, and wear parts. is a true customer portal providing unprecedented ACE experience access.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy ACE brand knives online.

  1. Buy on your time

    Our time is more limited than ever in today's busy world. As it is often said, “Time is money.” Online shoppers don’t have toBill-clear-saves-time-and-money wait until ‘normal business hours’ to buy blades. With ACE’s online marketplace, customers can buy when and where they want.
  2. Reorder with the click of your mouse

    Do you often order the same blades, knives, or wear parts? American Cutting Edge’s customer portal allows you to reorder from your previous order history with a single click! No more searching for part numbers!
  3. Keep track of your orders

    Do you need to know exactly what you spent on replacement knives and parts? Managing your budget is easy with an online account. Your entire order history is available in the secure customer portal. Don’t waste time digging through old invoices. Everything you need to know about your purchase history is right there! 

  4. Enjoy complete access

    ACE carries a larger inventory of products thanLarge item collage you may realize. Our desktop and mobile marketplace allow you to search all products related to your cutting application in one place.
  5. Pay the same price 

    Online shoppers have access to the same great pricing they would get if they placed an order by phone. There’s even an option to include your company’s purchase order number, for those customers who have approved credit with American Cutting Edge.

Our goal is to make things Easy, Exciting, and Efficient for you!

We know your time is valuable and the more control you have over that time, the better. When you need new knives, blades, or wear parts for your cutting operation, go to and try online ordering!

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