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A global machine knife expert in a variety of industries for over 50 years, American Cutting Edge has been part of the tree care industry for a decade. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of cutting applications provided a natural transition to producing high-quality, cost-effective knives to tree industry professionals.

Our commitment to quality and our dedication to our customers enables us to understand the unique challenges of operating tree care and arborist businesses. With this understanding, we have developed ways to support your business growth.

American Cutting Edge blades provide the same or better performance and life as OEM blades often at a fraction of the cost. As a recognizable name, OEM suppliers have the pull to charge premium prices for wood chipper blades. American Cutting Edge cuts out that premium to ensure that your costs are always as low as possible. Over the course of a year, American Cutting Edge wood chipper blade customers save a significant amount by selecting our blades over OEM blades.

Here are just a few examples of customers that have switched from OEM-supplied blades to American Cutting Edge Blades…and are so happy they did!

Blair Tree Service

Blair Tree Service, located in California, is a small tree care business. As an owner/operator, this ACE customer needed blades with reliable performance at a price that would not cut into profits.

At first, this owner was skeptical. How could ACE blades possibly perform as well as the OEM and sell at a price that is dramatically lower? After speaking to a wood chipper blade expert at ACE, the customer elected to install a trial set. The result? He was shocked by both the performance and the quality.

In fact, this customer called our wood chipper blade expert to say that he wished he had found American Cutting Edge soon because the knives performed better than both OEM and independent provider blades. American Cutting Edge wood chipper blades are now the only knives he uses on his two chippers.

Adam Garverick

Adam Garverick operates a stump grinding business. The teeth needed for his stump grinder are only available through limited avenues, one OEM and one aftermarket option, ACE.

Of course, this made Garverick skeptical of ACE’s replacement teeth. How could these teeth provide the same performance at a reduced cost? To satisfy his curiosity, Garverick ordered a trial set. He found that the ACE stump grinder teeth had the same look, finish, and performance as the OEM-supplied teeth. Just to be sure, Garverick ran the ACE teeth and the OEM teeth at the same time on the same wheel and found that there was absolutely no difference in performance.

Now, Garverick is putting more of his profits in his pocket and spending less on replacement parts!

Tree Care and Land Clearing

Located just one hour away from the ACE headquarters, Tree Care and Land Clearing has been a customer of American Cutting Edge for nearly a year. In that time, ACE has had the opportunity to demonstrate the personal service we offer to all of our customers to the team at Tree Care and Land Clearing.

Recently, the team was in the middle of a very large job. Their wood chipper blades had dulled and they not only needed to send their current blades for sharpening but also needed replacement blades so that their work could continue.

American Cutting Edge met the team at their job site to deliver brand new blades and pick-up the dulled blades. One week later, after restoring the used blades to pristine condition, ACE delivered the blades back to the job site so the customer could receive their blades as quickly as possible.

These are just a few of the ways that American Cutting Edge provides unparalleled support of our tree care customers. We are always available by phone, chat, and email to answer your questions and even take the time to visit our customers at their place of business whenever possible.

Whether you own a large-scale tree care enterprise or are the owner/operator of your own stump grinding business, American Cutting Edge treats all of our customers the same. Contact us today to see how your business could benefit by using American Cutting Edge wood chipper blades in your tree care and arborist service.

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