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Proper care and maintenance of your stump grinder are critical to your tree care or landscaping operation. When it comes to your stump grinder, it’s no secret that your stump teeth take a high level of abuse. Examine your stump grinder’s cutting teeth before each use and replace any damaged components. Skipping this important step can cause deterioration to tooth holders, which adds more expense.

Keeping extra stump grinder teeth on-hand can help your operation avoid expensive downtime while you wait for your parts to arrive.

When it's time to change out your stump teeth, how do you know which replacement teeth will fit into your equipment? Of course, it’s ideal if you have your stump grinder’s maintenance manual and documentation. However, if you’ve lost track of that information, there are some options to get the information you need so you can avoid ordering the incorrect size replacement stump grinder teeth.

This blog and the accompanying video are being provided for instructional purposes only. “500 Series”, “700 Series”, “900 Series”, and “1100 Series” are trademarks of Green Manufacturing Company. American Cutting Edge is in no way affiliated with and claims no license, rights, sponsorship, or other relationship with Green Manufacturing by use of these trademarks in the instructional video.

While there are a variety of stump grinder teeth on the market, this blog focuses on 500 series® compatible stump teeth, 700 series® compatible stump teeth, 900 series® compatible stump teeth, and 1100 series® compatible stump teeth.


When it comes to stump grinder teeth, there are four series that might be on your machine.Stump Teeth for sale from American Cutting Edge

There are a couple of different ways you can determine which series you have.

Check the Pocket

Each stump tooth is secured in a metal pocket on your stump grinder. On each pocket, there should be500 series compatible stump grinder teeth a number stamp, which indicates which series stump grinder teeth you’re currently running.

Wrench Sizes

Sometimes your machinery has been used extensively and the pockets are worn down to the point where the numbers are no longer visible. In that case, you can see atStump Grinder Teeth for sale from American Cutting Edge what size wrench is required to take the nut off the backside.

If you’re unable to determine the correct wrench size, there’s a third option — the horsepower of your machine.


Stump grinders come in different sizes with gas or diesel engines. As we mentioned, it’s always best if you have the manual that came with your equipment. If you’re not able to locate your documentation, you can get a sense of which stump teeth series you’re running based on the horsepower of your stump grinder machine.

  • 500 series stump teeth typically work for about up to 20 horsepower
  • 700 series stump teeth often work for 20 to 45 horsepower
  • 900 series stump teeth are typically found on machines running 45 to 85 horsepower
  • 1100 series stump teeth are often used on machinery with 85 horsepower or more

If you have questions about the stump teeth on your stump grinder or how ACE blades compare against the OEM, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at American Cutting Edge for assistance.

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