As a true partner with over 50-years of industrial cutting blade experience, American Cutting Edge is often called upon to help customers and their engineering staff overcome their more difficult cutting blade challenges. We see a host of cutting applications daily and frequently provide expert advice on everything from raw material selection to maintenance and blade replacement scheduling.


Collaborating and Partnering for Successful Outcomes

Recently, a long-term packaging machine knife customer in the food film manufacturing business reached out to us about modifications needed for cut-off blades that were not performing up to standard. The exceptionally adhesive material being cut with the existing blade was catching and accumulating between the blade gullets causing the film to shred and wrap around parts of the machine. The shredding resulted in unscheduled maintenance causing unscheduled downtime and loss of production.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

– Henry Ford

The customer’s engineering department asked for heat-treated raw material choices to meet their needs. American Cutting Edge recommended the material be hardened to Rc 48-52 and some modifications to the blade. Reducing the thickness for better material displacement and moving the hole and notch locations to reduce stress on the gullets.

 “TEAM — Together Everyone Achieves More.” – Author Unknown    

The result of this collaborative effort was a packaging machine knife with a blade redesign that provided an effective solution to meet all the customer’s needs:

  • Optimal blade performance
    Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Cost-effective raw material
  • Durability
  • Sharpness
  • Edge retention


As an industrial knife manufacturer with the ability to create custom knives, we understand and appreciate customers who have a wealth of industry knowledge on their internal teams. In fact, we truly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate whenever the opportunity arises. When they ask us to come to the table with our ideas to help solve a complex cutting challenge, we’re happy to offer ideas. Give our experts a call today and put them to work for you!


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