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This week we’re taking a deeper dive with ACE’s director of supply chain management, Dan Brownfield, who will walk us through the basics of supply chain management. With over 35-years of supply chain experience, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience to ACE. We're glad he's part of our team and appreciate his expertise.

Breaking down the definition of supply chain management, it’s the planning, sourcing, securing, and delivery of products for customers. While that certainly sounds simple enough, there’s a lot to it. And, it has a significant impact on the ACE customer experience including pricing and delivery of products.

During his tenure in the field of supply chain management, he’s seen a lot of changes including going from manually tracking of shipments and information using spreadsheets to full supply chain software programs that automate reporting.

Not to give away all the content in the video but to provide a little bit of insight before you click through, Dan also shares during our interview that just because a company offers the lowest price on a product doesn’t mean that they have the lowest TOTAL cost. There’s a big difference between these two factors. There’s much more to cost than just a price tag including things like maintenance downtime and the cost to use the part in man hours.

There are four critical aspects of supply chain management that contribute to making cutting effortless for ACE customers – both internal and external customers.

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Service
  • Delivery
  • Check out the video to get all the details about how ACE's supply chain management team makes cutting effortless and stay tuned for more information in future Meet the Face of ACE blog posts about our ACE teams and how we're working for you.

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