If you routinely order new chopper blades for your Mark IV, Mark V, or Krupp chopper, you are probably ordering the same blades over and over.

Simply reordering what has always worked is a safe and simple bet. Yet, you could be missing out on improvements to your blades that may increase blade lifetime and productivity. Improving your chopper blade does not have to mean a customized blade.

There are many off-the-shelf options available and finding the right fit for your chopping operation may be as simple as a quick phone call with one of our Fiber chopping experts.

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Need to Chop in Wet and Dry Environments?

Both stainless steel and solid tungsten carbide chopper blades can be used in wet or dry environments. At American Cutting Edge, we stock premium stainless chopper blades for the Mark IV and Mark V. Each of these blades provides long lifetime and high-quality chop. We are also able to supply these in Tungsten Carbide.

For Krupp choppers, we stock stainless steel blades to ensure that our customers have easy access to the right blades and are also able to provide these in Tungsten Carbide.

In addition to these off-the-shelf options, we can also coat our blades in ceramic or titanium carbide to improve life and strengthen the bevel of the blade.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

When to Review Your Chopper Blade Order

Always review your chopper blade when materials and cut requirements change. A simple change in the size of the chop could require a change in your blade requirements. When this happens, a change to the blade material or coating may provide the solution you need.

In addition to material and cut changes, it is essential to review your chopper blade material when you notice performance issues.

If the blade is dulling quickly, material is building-up on the blade, or it is wearing only at the cut point (leaving a divot in the blade) a ceramic or titanium carbide coating can be applied to the blade to improve lubricity and provide additional strength.

To ensure that your chopper is always running at peak performance, consult with the experts at American Cutting Edge. We have the experience and the expertise to identify common chopper performance issues and a full range of in-stock options for your chopper blades.

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