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As global fiber and fiberglass blade expert for over 50 years, American Cutting Edge supports various industries in the cutting and chopping of fiber, textiles, and composites. Our experience and in-depth knowledge enables us to supply the highest quality stock and custom blades to the fiber and fiberglass industry.

Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design. – Clare Muscutt

Recently, we had the opportunity to provide customized support to one of our long-term customers. As a global leader in the fiberglass industry, serving a diverse customer base.

When one of the manufacturing facilities changed their chop size, American Cutting Edge collaborated with the client to develop new blades for this process. The result was a blade that met the customers new requirements and also increased their lifetime resulting in increased productivity.

However, nearly two years after the development of the blade, an issue arose with the blades. After analysis into the root cause, American Cutting edge was able to determined that that a process in blade production caused deviation on the ends of the blade, which in turn made them shorter in some cases when measured by caliper, but only at the tips of the blade.

As a result, American Cutting Edge worked with the customer and manufacturing to design a gauge, that would check the blades before they were delivered.

The gauge was also supplied to the customer’s manufacturing team to ensure that blades were within specification before installation and so that both the customer and American Cutting Edge are able to perform the same test to ensure the blades are within specification.

In combination with the gauge and the redesign of the blade, this ACE customer is experiencing a significant increase in blade lifetime and productivity.

All of your customers are partners in your mission. – Shep Hyken

Delivery That Works

As a global supplier, it is essential that this ACE customer’s production downtime is kept to a minimum. The team at American Cutting Edge works with customers to reduce confusion and stress during the ordering process.

The customer’s team was unsure about how to optimizing their ordering to ensure adequate stock without the customer having to carry the full order in their inventory. American Cutting Edge was able to offer this customer a Blanket Warehouse Agreement that guaranteed their price and availability of product, with the customers commitment to releases.

The experts at American Cutting Edge analyzed this customer’s order history and developed a blanket agreement that meets their needs. In addition, ACE maintains a few months stock of the blades to ensure that any increases in demand can be handled quickly and without disrupting the customer’s production.

As a result of this long-term relationship, American Cutting Edge has developed a deep understanding of this customer’s values, products, and product lines. The company has come to trust ACE to supply best in class blades and deliver exceptional customer service and support across many product lines.

To learn how we can support your fiber and fiberglass cutting needs, contact the experts at American Cutting Edge. We are eager to understand your business and offer best-fit solutions.

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