Chopping synthetic materials requires precise blades that are designed to meet the specific needs of the application.

At American Cutting Edge, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate your synthetic chopping operation and recommend the best, customized solutions to improve blade life and cut quality.

Using the best blade ensures that productivity is optimized while decreasing maintenance-induced downtime and costs.

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Customizing Your Chopper Blades

Customized blades are designed to meet the specific needs of the material to be cut and the existing machinery.

ACE engineers analyze the specifications of the machine, cut requirements, material, and budget to create a design that perfectly meets each need.

In selecting the blade material and coatings, ACE engineers review previous blade performance and make adjustments to optimize the effectiveness of the customized blade.

When blades dull quickly, the material is often too hard. If the blade is chipping, the material may be too hard. To increase the overall life of the blade, ACE engineers often recommend tungsten carbide or stainless steel with a coating.

Occasionally, a customer will notice that the material to be cut is building up on the blade. When this happens, the best option is often to apply a titanium carbide or ceramic coating.

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When to Review Your Blade

Each time the material to be cut or the requirements change represents a new opportunity to review and improve your blade design.

To ensure that your synthetic chopper blade design is optimized, contact the experts at American Cutting Edge.

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