Supplying the highest-quality blades to the medical industry requires knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Medical research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare facilities rely on the expertise of the experienced medical blade specialists at American Cutting Edge to ensure that their knives meet the needs of the business and the application.

The best medical blade suppliers work as partners with their customers. At ACE, our experts safeguard your orders by knowing when to ask if specific certifications and inspections are necessary. We also understand the limitations of working with an FDA-approved drawing.

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Find the Best Blade for Your New Project

For those projects that are not yet FDA-certified, ACE’s medical blade experts will partner with your design team to ensure optimal blade requirements are established before the drawing is submitted for certification. This includes assessing features and benefits, evaluating material options, exploring both custom and off-the-shelf options, and reviewing factors that may increase lead-time (such as lab reports, certifications, and inspections).

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Order With Confidence

ACE understands that once a drawing is certified by the FDA, it cannot be changed in any way. Our medical blade experts know just which questions to ask to mitigate risks associated with lead time, availability, and compliance.

All costs and lead-times are quoted through ACE factories and include necessary lab reports, inspections, and certifications, as required by the needs of the customer. Additionally, ACE provides customers with the options of AA verification, first article inspections, dimensional reports, and REACH or ROHS certification.

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Reduce In-House Processing

After blade delivery, many in the medical industry must employ processes to ready the knife for use. To streamline processing for our customers, ACE offers cleaning, passivation, and even sterilization to remove grease and impurities and deliver knives that are ready to use.

Every ACE blade is safety bulk packaged to prevent shipping-induced damage and ensure that our blades reach our customers in the same pristine condition in which they left our factory.

At American Cutting Edge, we don’t just support our medical and healthcare customers through the delivery of custom and off-the-shelf knives. We also work to ensure that every order is optimized to meet the demands of the project and the needs of the business. We partner with our customers to mitigate potential risks early in the design phase and continue supporting improvements throughout the life of the project.

Contact a medical blade specialist at American Cutting Edge to learn more about how we can support your needs.

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